How to Add Rates for Employees

Last Updated: Aug 17, 2015 11:55AM EDT
Adding rates for your employees is virtually one of the most basic processes you will be performing within FingerCheck's software, and for good reason - you need to quickly set up your employees so you can know what to pay them! The following is an outline explaining how to add (and change) your employees' rates. 
  • Log onto your FingerCheck account, and go to the “Employee” tab. Once you're within this tab click on the employee number of the employee you'd like to add a rate for. 

  • Navigate to the left sidebar and select "Position and Rates," then select your employee's pay type, which can be either hourly or salary. Then navigate down to "Rates" and click on the yellow "Add" button.  

  • Now in the "Add Pay Rate" window, enter the date they start earning that rate. For the "Base Code," select "Base Rate" which is the only option, and for "Rate" enter the rate they will be making. For instance, for a salaried employee you would enter the amount they make per pay period. For hourly employees, simply enter the hourly amount, e.g. $12/hr would be 12. 

If you want to create an additional rate, you can do so by clicking on the gray "Add" button again to add a new pay rate. Here we've added another rate, the "01-Waiter" rate code, and then applied the rate. 
To learn how to create rate codes, click here.

Finally, click "Apply" and then "Save." Now you are done! In this example the employee gets a base rate of $10. If they take on a waiting job they'll get $11. 

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