How to Set up a Master Profile

Last Updated: Jan 04, 2017 12:00PM EST
Many employers who set their employees up within FingerCheck assign various policies to them. For small businesses, this takes no time at all, but for larger organizations, going into each individual employee’s profile to set up their policies is a long and tedious endeavor. Instead, employers can build master profiles and assign them to large numbers of employees in one step.

For instance, if a company has multiple departments and would like to assign different policy setups by department, they can create a unique master profile for each department. They can also go into each individual’s profile and edit the master profile for each employee differently. The following instructions guide you through how to build and assign a master profile:
  • Log onto your FingerCheck account and go to the “Setup” tab. From the drop down menu on the top left of the page, select "System Menu."
  • Select "Master Profiles." You will see 01 Master Profile already sitting in your profiles window. Click on it to begin building your master profile. 
  • Remember that the function of a master profile is to assign one group of policies to your employees so that you can be spared the hassle of having to make individualized entries per employee. When you fill your policy out, please note that "Code," Description," "Pay Period," and "Earning Code" are mandatory to fill out. When you are finished, click "Save."

  • Once you've clicked "Save" you can log out of the system or navigate to a different part of the site. This master profile will automatically be applied to every employee in the system.
  • To make individualized changes to an employee's profile, go to your "Employee" tab and click on an employee's number.
  • Go to "Profile." Click on "Edit."
  • Now you can edit any of the fields you'd like. As you can see, we're editing the Overtime policy. When you finish click "Apply," and you're all set!
  • If you'd like to assign a new profile to one or more employees, you can go to your "Employee" tab and check the boxes next to each employee's name. Click "Quick Actions" and select "Mass Change" to change a group of employees or even an individual employee's master profile type. 
  • From the "Change Type" drop down menu select, Master Profile.
  • From the "Change To" drop down menu, select your alternate profile. In this case, no other master profile has yet been built, which is why you only see the same option.

    Now you know how to set up a master profile, re-assign different profiles to different employees, and manually tweak individual employees' profiles. 

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