How to Customize Your Employee Tab

Last Updated: Mar 30, 2017 12:16PM EDT

Your Employee Tab is one of the most important tabs you’ll be clicking on within FingerCheck. A veritable hub of information, this tab displays your employees’ information, enables you to perform vital functions, and allows you to categorically sort group data. To put it simply, we know that you’re going to want to maximize your tab functionality to be as useful as possible.

This is precisely why we designed our tab to be easily customizable with your preferences in mind. You can now manipulate and order the information that is presented within your tab and also sort employees by categories and filters. Finally, you will also be able to perform complex actions at the drop of a hat using our drop down menu of quick actions. How can you do all this? We’ll explain.

Employee List: First up: your “Employee List” is the initial set of information that pops up when you click on your Employee Tab. It comprises basic information like your employees’ last name, middle name, first name, SSN, department, clock number, status, and pay group.


There are a variety of ways you can order this information to be displayed by:
  • You can click on a category to sort the information according to that category
  • You can click, drag, and swap categories to sit in different places next to one another.
  • You can drag less important information out of your table and drag more relevant categories from your Customization list into your table.

To do this, click on “Customization” located in the top blue bar to prompt a list of additional information to appear. This data includes detailed categories like hire date, image, job, job title, location, pay type, position, supervisor, and task. You can drag any of these categories straight into your header if you’d like to see them in the employee window, and drag information that isn’t as important, into the customization list.

Quick Actions: Quick Actions sits directly next to Customization, and allows you to perform a number of quick actions, such as:

  • Mass Change: Mass Change affords you the option of selecting a number of employees and making a mass change that applies to all of them, instead of individually needing to make a change for each employee. Simply check the employees you want the change to apply to, then select Mass Change. You can change their job, department, pay group, status, master profile, supervisor, exclude from payroll, task, and location.
  • Send Employee to Clock: Not all employees need to clock in from a clock, but if you want them to use a clock, you have to “send employees to clock” and transfer their information to that clock. If you are integrating a new clock or moving employees to a different clock, you can send their details by using this method.
  • Download Fingerprints: To send fingerprints to another clock without having to re-enroll your employee’s fingerprints, first download your employee’s fingerprints from the clock, and then click on Quick Actions and send fingerprints to the clock.
  • Send Fingerprints to Clock: This function allows you to send employees’ fingerprints to another clock without needing to enroll their fingerprints all over again. You might use this function if you are integrating a new clock into your system or resetting your clock to factory settings, which will wipe the clock clean of data.
  • Send Self-Service Enrollment: To quickly get multiple employees enrolled into self-service, you can send a self-service enrollment email to them, which will get them started in the enrollment process.
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