How to Set up a Rotating Schedule

Last Updated: Aug 17, 2015 12:17PM EDT
Contrary to the common perception of the Monday through Friday, 9-5 workplace, many companies (especially those in manufacturing industries ) often have their employees work in rotating schedules. For these workers, their schedule can rotate back and forth, sometimes between two schedules, and in more complex arrangements, week by week. 

With these logistics in mind, FingerCheck's software can hold up to 100 rotating schedules per employee - you can set up different times and days for different weeks - once all additional weeks have occurred, the schedule will rotate back to the first week.

Here is a step-by-step demonstration of how to set up a rotating schedule, in which an employee works Monday – Friday one week between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM, and the following week between 10:00 AM and 6:00 PM.   
  • Log onto your FingerCheck account and go to the “Setup” tab.
  • Locate the drop down menu on the left of the page and select "Policies Menu" from the drop down list, then click on "Schedule Policies." Click on the yellow "Add" button to begin creating a schedule.

  • Create a "Code" and "Description," then click on "Add" to begin adding the rules of your first schedule.

Your "Schedule Rules" will tell the system what days and hours to be active for with this specific schedule. You will be required to manually create a rule for each of the days you want listed in the schedule. To start, we entered Monday for the "Schedule Week Day," 1 for the "Week Number", and a "Start Time" of 9:00 AM and "End Time" of 5:00 PM. For "Effective Dates" we entered time range from 2015 to 2099. Click "Apply" to finalize your rule.

  • Afterwards, your new schedule rule will be in your "Schedule Rules" window. Continue creating rules for all the days of the week. As you can see, we made five rules for Monday through Friday. 

If you wish to set up a schedule for a different week, you can set up week two within that same schedule or create an entirely new schedule. To create an entirely new schedule, go back to "Schedule Policies" and create a new schedule, or stay within your current schedule and click on "Add" to begin setting up the rules for your second schedule. As you can see, for this rule, we are setting up the first day, Monday. The week number is 2 (because it is the following week) and the times we've changed to 10:00 AM through 6:00 PM. We kept the same effective dates time range, and clicked "Apply."

  • Now you will find your new rule sitting underneath your previous rules. Continue adding as many rules as you need to set up your rotating schedules. 
  • Once your rotating schedule is created, you can assign the rotating schedules to an employee or groups of employees, then generate it within FingerCheck. To do this, click on the Schedule tab, and then select the Generate button.

  • Next, in the dialog box, you will select the employees to assign the schedule. 
  • Then, create the details of the schedule that you are generating by selecting the Generation Details “+” button. The first section of the Generation Details dialog asks for a starting and ending date for the rotating schedule. If you would like to override an existing schedule, check "Override Defaults" and choose the schedule you would like to override. Otherwise, only fill out the dates. Finish by clicking on "OK."

Now you are done! You have now created schedules for a group of employees that rotates back and forth each week. 

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