How to Approve Time Cards Quickly

Last Updated: Aug 17, 2015 12:46PM EDT
As a supervisor or administrator managing a large staff, finalizing time sheets prior to the payroll run can often be a dreaded task. FingerCheck makes the process simple, allowing you to approve your entire workforce with only two clicks. Plus, if edits or changes need to be made, FingerCheck lets you do so with ease. Let’s take a closer look at how to edit and approve time sheets quickly and efficiently.
  • Log onto your FingerCheck account and go to the “Time Card” tab, then from the left side bar menu click “Approve Time Card.” From here, you can quickly review your time card data using the date selection drop down menus to select whatever specific week of data you would like to review, edit and/or approve. To approve the data click on "Approve."
  • To edit the data, simply click on the "Employee Number" hyperlink to see any given employee's time card in more detail.
  • This will bring up a dialog box with the clock punches for that employee. As you can see here there is a missing punch for our employee Roshan Ali. In this case to add the missing punch we would simply click on the empty space where the punch should be on the time card as shown below. To edit an existing punch, simply click on the punch data hyperlink.
  • This action will present a dialog box where we can enter time punch information. Add the correct punch data and click on "Save & Close" to add the data to the time card.
  • Now Roshan Ali's time card is ready for approval! Within the approval window we can select an individual employee or multiple employees. To approve we would simply click on the "Approve" button. Following that we can verify that your approval was successful by checking to see whether "Admin Approved" is checked. If you do not see the column, you can click to open up your "Customizationtool, which holds many functions that are not readily seen, and drag "Admin Approved" into your window. As you can see, the column is entirely checked. This is the last phase in quickly approving time cards.
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