How to Add Employees

Last Updated: Apr 13, 2018 11:23AM EDT
Adding employees can be easily done using FingerCheck. Here are two methods of doing so:  

  • Log onto your FingerCheck account, and go to the “Employee” tab. Within this tab you can either manually add your employees or import them all at once using a spreadsheet.
    • To easily import your employees: Click on the "Import" button. When you click import you will be given the option to download a sample spreadsheet you can build or upload an existing spreadsheet. For more details, click here.
    • To add your employee manually: Click on the yellow "Add" button and follow the steps below. 
  • Fill out your employee's information. Please note that "First Name," "Last Name," "Employee Number," and "Gender" are required fields. Since some payroll providers identify employees using their Employee Number not their name, you may want to use that same number within FingerCheck or your payroll provider will not be able to identify your employees.
  • If your employee will be clocking in from a time clock entering a "Clock Number" is also required. The clock number can be the same as your employee number unless their number is alphanumeric or has leading zeros. TIP: Where it says Employee Number or Employee Clock Number, you can automatically generate a number for your employee by simply typing a question mark in the field. Once you click on the next field, you'll see that the system has assigned the next available number to your employee.

  • Where it says "Enroll on Clock" click "Select Clocks" to send your new employee's information to the clock they will be using. In the "Clocks Selection" window, check the appropriate box.

  • Remember to enter the employees Gender and then click "Save." Now you should see your employee list with your new employee added.

You're finished! Adding an employee is one of the most simple, straight-forward processes within FingerCheck. In no time at all, you'll have this routine down pat.

If you want to set them up with employee self-service 
click here.

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